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Our Team

With over 100 years combined experience in payment processing, our leadership team comprises some of the best minds in the industry. To handle the ever changing landscape of payment processing for our customers, our executive management team has and will continue to tackle these new challenges as part of this change.
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Competitive Pricing

Datalink Bankcard Services Company offers the best cost for a wide variety of payment processing and acceptance services. In addition, we provide the most advanced technology in transaction processing equipment to handle all your credit card, debit card, EBT, gift card, ATM Machine and check acceptance business.
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We take the guess work out of compliance and guide you step by step to earn your certificate. Easy enrollment, simple to follow assessment questionnaire, and document review all take you to your official PCI approved merchant certificate. So you will be compliant in no time!
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We’ve always experienced the highest levels of services and professionalism from Datalink. The account managers are true partners with us. Not only do they understand our business but their daily email notifications ensure that our deposits do not get delayed.

- John, Owner, Fish Daddy’s, College Station, TX


  • Being a business owner today is harder than ever. A struggling economy. More government regulations. A hyper-competitive market. Consumers with less money to spend. It just seems to get harder each and every day to run a business. To make matters worse, a new variation of malware is now targeting Point of Sale (POS) systems […]

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