eMerchant Portal

What is the eMerchant Portal?

The eMerchant Portal offered by Datalink Bankcard Services Company is an easy and robust way to monitor and track all of your processing activity at the click of a button. Detailed information at your fingertips makes deposit reconciliation a snap. Through the eMerchant Portal you get the ability to:

  • review and easily reconcile settlement deposits to your bank account
  • Quickbooks™ integration
  • gain direct access to your monthly transactions
  • view billing and statement activity online
  • Available 24/7
  • have the ability to customize and view reporting to your specifications

Access to user-friendly reference and technical guides, along with the ability to contact a live person on our customer support team, will enable you to resolve hardware or technical issues quickly. We also offer a team of technical experts who are waiting to provide help when you need it.

Visit the eMerchant Portal to learn more about how it can help your business.

eMerchant Portal

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